Sunday, 29 August 2010

1st Day in Peru

I am currently sitting in the Flying Dog hostel in Miraflores, Peru, which means I arrived here safely! Despite our flight being delayed and us missing our connecting flight to Lima from Miami, we finally arrived in Lima at about 5am. After about 30 hours without sleep none of us were feeling great! For lunch a few of us went to a resaurant and ate ceviche, which is fish and seafood cooked in the juice of lemons and limes and it was amazing! The waiter promised us two free pisco sours (which is a traditional Peruvian alcoholic drink) and when we left he said he would "see you at the discotheque" which was a bit cringy...We then went on a bus tour round Lima where we saw the main touristy places, such as pre-Incan ruins right in the middle of the city, and we stopped for a tour around a 16th century monastry with catacumbs underneath, which was the burial place of at least 25,000 people and all of the bones were on display..some of the skulls still had their teeth in which was lovely! In the evening the 16 of us ate in a restaurant then came back to the hostel for "happy hour" and then we were taken to a club by 2 of the men that worked in the hostel, which was really fun until the fuse blew so we thought there had been a powercut or something! We then ended up into a salsa club, then another one which we didn´t like the look of so when we left the man on the door burst a balloon because he wanted us to stay which was entertaining...I just really want to get into the jungle as it´s quite chilly in Lima and I only really packed summer clothes! It´s taking a while to remember how to speak Spanish but I´m getting there gradually (well kind of)...

So that was my first blog post...hope it wasn´t too dull! I´´m going to try and upload my pictures soon.
Besos xxx